Hello People, Let’s talk Books and Banter….

I’m a sophomore pursuing engineering in the stream of electronics and Communications.I’m 19 and loves reading , travelling and meeting new people…not that I visited a lot of places but I just love the idea of escaping the ordinary and being in a new place be it with family or friends.

So like all the other things that got closed due to lock-down, our university also declared holidays and our college had to compromise the exam schedule and issued holidays. We couldn’t be more happy, but this situation also left us in a confused and chaotic stage.

It was the last one week of the even semester and we were preparing to fight with the inevitable INTERNALS, MID2, EXTERNALS, & the cherry on the cake our 2–2 SEMESTER EXAMS!!!!
Little did we know that we have to face another invisible frienemy (friend-enemy) the COVID-19. Well, enemy because it tore us apart from friends and took away the chance to bunk classes and socialize…friend because it made us get close with our family and gave us all the time in the world to finally
work on the things that we always wanted to…. For me that was Blogging…

I always wanted to start blogging but I couldn’t find a platform where I can write my heart out without any inhibitions, one which suits my taste. Now that I found Medium which I loved & It makes me want to write more.
For me writing is therapeutic and It’s always amazing to share these tales with someone….

Here I would be talking about the books that I read or some of my experiences as an engineering student, or some crazy encounters and a few bits and pieces of my life may be if I find something interesting enough to share…