Web Developer Jargon Demystified

aka Web Practices 101

  1. MakeMyTrip : The popular bookings platform that provides a seamless service to plan our trips.
  2. Spotify : A platform that provides us with a plethora of audio treats from music podcasts to audiobooks and episodes.
  3. 2048 Game : A very popular game that rakes up our mind till we get that magical 2048 number.
  4. Pinterest: The site that holds our sight for a long time and where we can just get lost looking at beautiful boards on inspiration ranging from room décor to career advice.
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  1. Scalability : The product may be scaled at any time by a development team without much difficulty due to the separation between the client side and the server side.
  2. Stateless: REST APIs are stateless, meaning that calls can be made independently of one another, and each call contains all of the data necessary to complete itself successfully.
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