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Here are a few practices and design flows that I came to know in my learning experience at Crio.do ‘s Winter of Doing Stage 1. As an aspiring Full stack Developer I was pretty stunned how I missed these practices and the first thing that popped into my mind was Why didn’t I knew them earlier? So to save you guys from that and also to give more insights on these for anyone who are still laying their baby steps in the Web domain like I decided to sum up things a bit in this blog! So read and Enjoy…

Hustle the night away!

So, this has always been on my To-do list, but I failed to start and stick on to it. Today I feel so disappointed for not taking that leap earlier. I have a lot of reasons be it academics or other things that made me pre-occupied. (or it was just me procrastinating things using lame excuses : P ) I want to start this challenge today and In this blog I am basically laying out a list of goals that I wish to complete and a few references to help me when I get stuck (which is a lot cause…

Python for the rescue!

In Python, there are a lot of things you can do with strings. And Python is the most suitable programming language to manipulate strings.

It has a lot of methods and properties that are handy while working with strings. In this cheat sheet, you’ll find the most common string operations and string methods.

String operations

  • len(string) Returns the length of the string
  • for character in string Iterates over each character in the string
  • if substring in string Checks whether the substring is part of the string
  • string[i] Accesses the character at index i of the string, starting at zero
  • string[i:j] Accesses the…

I can’t say I am a bibliophile but I am sure I am an active reader, I spend most of my time reading books or drooling over the new releases that I wish to read. Long story short, this quarantine I found some amazing books to read, and can’t wait to share what I learnt reading them.

A picture of a book and a spectacles on it.
A picture of a book and a spectacles on it.
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

I always took reading as an escapade from reality. Travelling with the characters and witnessing them take up the challenges of their life helped me build confidence and determination that I can achieve my goals and aspirations.

So in a brief I am…

Hello guys👋! Are you a coding enthusiast, a beginner, or a pro working on your projects. Who ever you might be or whatever that you are working on, This Github student starter pack surely aids you in your journey. And adds value to your work. To know more about this… read along…

Github student starter pack is a boon to any student to say the least. I feel all the students out there should get this amazing opportunity. And the ones that are keen to develop their skills must bag this as soon as possible and get going.

This pack…

I’m a sophomore pursuing engineering in the stream of electronics and Communications.I’m 19 and loves reading , travelling and meeting new people…not that I visited a lot of places but I just love the idea of escaping the ordinary and being in a new place be it with family or friends.

So like all the other things that got closed due to lock-down, our university also declared holidays and our college had to compromise the exam schedule and issued holidays. We couldn’t be more happy, but this situation also left us in a confused and chaotic stage.

It was the…

Books and Banter

A sophomore👩‍🎓 in Engineering . Loves to read and blog. Potter head and a gonna be Engineer.

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